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CoHu offers the degrees listed in Table 1. Every degree is anchored to a department, which is the hosting or offering department as indicated in the Table. BAEd is coordinated by a BA (Education) coordinator appointed by the Principal.

Table 1: Degree programme in the College of Humanities

Degree programmes Hosted by respective  Department

  1. BA (Language Studies) Foreign Languages and Linguistics
  2. BA (Literature) Literature
  3. BA (Art and Design) Creative Arts
  4. BA (Film and Television Studies) Creative Arts
  5. BA (Music) Creative Arts
  6. BA (Theatre Arts) Creative Arts
  7. BA (History) History
  8. BA (Diplomatic and Military History) History
  9. BA (History, Cultural Heritage Management & Tourism) History
  10. BA (Archaeology) Archaeology and Heritage Studies
  11. BA (Heritage Management Studies) Archaeology and Heritage Studies
  12. BA (Education) (CoHu) Various Departments-Under a Coordinator

Courses for any degree programme are classified as core, optional (elective) and college or university-wide. All degree programmes must comply with the 60 credits as minimum and a maximum of 72 credits per semester

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