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Department of Literature

The Department of Literature was established in 1964. Since its inception, the department has been offering courses to B.Ed and B.A with education students as service department.  The department is now a home of the following degree programmes namely, B.A Literature, M.A Literature and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D). The M.A (Lit) degree is offered in two modes i.e. either by Coursework and Dissertation or by Thesis.  Ph.D is offered only by thesis.


The focus in this degree programme is to develop skills essential to the objective of the programme.

Minimum requirements

Two principle passes in language subjects in ACSEE Examinations

Cut-off points : 5 points from 3 subjects

Admission Capacity : 40 students

Sample of courses provided

Literature and the Art of writing African Drama   Professional Communication  Creative Writing

Duration: 3 years

Career opportunities

  •  Fictional writers ( Playwright, Novelist or Poet/Poetess)
  •  Editors
  •  Publishers and Publicits
  •  Teachers ( Schools, Colleges and Universities)
  •  Advertising copywriter.
  •  Directors of  NGOs
  •  Cultural Officers


Minimum requirements

Relevant Bachelor degree or equivalent qualifications. In addition, all M.A candidates must satisfy the Department of Literature as to their competence in the English language. Where necessary, a screening test is administered at the beginning of the academic year and failures will be required to attend remedial classes.

Requirements for the completion of the programme  

Students are required to complete 18 units of coursework and 12 units for dissertation totaling 30 units. The course work should be completed during the first 12 months and dissertation during the last 6 months.

Course Assessment

Coursework 50% and Final Examination 50%   

Sample of Courses Provided

  • Literary  Theory and Criticism
  • Evolution of African Writing
  • Studies in the Epic
  • Postcolonial Literature
  • Perspective in writing
  • Trends in modern literature

Duration : Minimum of 18 -24 months as stipulated in the University of Dar es Salaam Prospectus.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is offered only by thesis.

Minimum Requirements

Possession of a relevant Masters’ degree from any recognized university.

The duration of Ph.D. programmes by thesis is three years for full-time candidates and five years for part-time candidates.



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