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Department of History

Year of Establishment

1964, One of the oldest Departments of theUniversityofDar es Salaam.


To become an internationally recognized History Department and Centre for research, teaching, consultancy and publication.


To enable students to become best historically-minded individuals (informed decision makers and advisers) and become highly competitive in the global market of research, academic excellence and governance.

Number of academic staff


Degree Program(s) offered

One Degree Program

Levels of degree e.g. BA, MA

B.A. M.A. (by thesis, and by coursework and dissertation) PhD (by thesis)

Sample of the courses offered

History ofTanzania;Africaand World Religions; Neo-colonialism and Revolutionary Movements; African Environmental History; War and Warfare; Political Economy of USA; and Urban and Population Histories of Tanzania

Entrance requirements

  1. B.A. History – at least three A-Level principal passes, at least three Ds, one them must be from History
  2. M.A. History – an undergraduate G.P.A. of  above 3.0
  3. PhD History – at least an M.A. in History or any master’s degree in humanities and social sciences.

No. of students needed for enrollment for each program

  1. B.A. History – 45 students per intake
  2. M.A. History – 20 students per intake
  3. PhD History – subject to specialization of supervisors

Career opportunities

A person who has pursued our programs fits in many carriers. Some of them include;

  1. iConsultancy work for public and private institutions
  2. iiResearchers – e.g. investigative and historical researches
  3. iiiMuseum curators – curators of history in museums
  4. ivArchivists
  5. vEducational officers in secondary schools and colleges
  6. viUniversity lecturers
  7. viiCultural officers in the government level at district, regional and ministerial levels
  8. viiiJournalists and documentary producers – e.g. historical documentaries

Other opportunities

  1. iInstitutional and company historians
  2. iiCan work in different government organs and levels like administration, army, police and planning.

Collaboration with other institutes/departments

The Department of History has a long established collaboration with other international universities like

  1. iBergen University of Health Sciences, Bergen, Norway
  2. iiTexas Southern University, Texas, USA.

Department’s projects that in a way benefit students

The Department is revising its curriculum to incorporate new approaches and programs that will involve students and lecturers the purpose being to increase practical learning to the students and make them more competitive in the current labor market.

Department’s contributions to the nation and Africa from 1964 to the present.

-It has produced many government and political parties’ leaders.

-It has produced many of the best history teachers and lecturers, curators and cultural officers

-It has contributed to the emergence of Dar es Salaam School of Thought, an African historical perspective which has reduced the misinterpretation of African history.

-It has widened the scope and range of issues in historical and development researches.

Target Population for Department’s Degree Program

-The Department degree programmes are open to all. It has an international character in its studentship, teaching and staff. For instance, reknown historians like Walter Rodney, John Iliffe and Terence Ranger were once its teaching staff.  It also receives a substantial number of international students from bachelor to PhD degree level.


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